Pretty Ugly


PrettyUgly is a Danish jewelery- and accessory brand, created by designer Karina Munch. Karina originally trained in clothing and design, and has always had a great interest in accessories and jewellery. The name is inspired by Karina’s French bulldog, Walter: He may not be so pretty, some would even call him ugly… but I think he is beautiful. For me, the tension between what is perceived as beauty and what is perceived as ugliness is an interesting place to get my inspiration from. That is where the unique exists. I made a dealer focused website for PrettyUgly. The purpose of the page is to explain PrettyUgly’s concept and vision in order to make new business with new dealers. I strived to work inside the boundaries of PrettyUgly’s visual identity and build a website that could display the pretty products of PrettyUgly. Made with JQuery, HTML and CSS.