Oh hi there! Here’s some text you most likely won’t read: I am a web developer & artist residing in Præstø, Denmark. I mostly work on front-end stuff but would like to transition into a full-stack developer, so from time to time I do some server-side dabbling. Through a keen interest in art and the fact that I have been painting and drawing my whole life, I have developed great design skills. I believe that this, coupled with my bachelors degree in information science, makes me a well-rounded creator of digital products. Here’s a small rant: How the future of the internet, the future of web design and web development looks nobody knows for sure. But as with everything else in this fast paced world we have created, there is an importance in adaptability. I believe that in order to keep up you need to constantly evolve. I believe that improvement of skills and innovation is the basis for success. I believe that curiosity and openness is the basis for creativity. My workflow is based on the mantra “user-first, content-first, mobile-first”, which is an important guideline to my general approach. Client goals and user research is at the heart of everything I do. Through interviews and research I plan out every project to fit my clients needs. This is the first step in my approach. This allows me to map out the general conventions on the marked, and take a different route than normally used. Design needs to be based on content. In the words of Jeffrey Zeldman: “Content precedes design. Design in the absence of content is not design, it’s decoration.” This is why the second step is to generate an overall strategy and all content for the project. One of the tools I use for this is Priority Guides, that lets me plan out the usefulness and goal of each element in what we are building. By doing this I create solutions with high usability that meet my clients goals.  No matter how big a percentage is likely to use their mobile phones to view your website, designing for the smallest screen first is always a good idea. When it comes to design, it’s easier to expand and add elements than shrinking and removing. But as with so many things, planning is essential. This site holds my resumé, which you can download here: CV.pdf, a small game I made where you need to guess a movie title based on a drawing of a prop I made (click here to give it a go)… and a small collection of projects I’ve done over the years. Take a look:

Paintings. Arcade Illustrations. Johns Teater. Transformation through Repetition. Deformation. Pretty Ugly. Rant Studio. Telefon Jokeren. Braulein. Ene Es.